Louet Pre-2014
The replacement uses a USB connection to the computer.  Optionally it can be provided with a standard serial (9-pin) connector if desired.

The USB connection uses the FTDI USB to Serial.  With the latest versions of Windows and starting with Mac OS X 10 the Converter is "plug and play" as the USB drivers are included in those operating systems.  

For older systems, such as Windows XP or Mac OS X 9 and earlier, a driver may be downloaded to your PC and installation is straightforward. 

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The Louet electronic dobby produced before 2014 used components that are now obsolete so the electronics can no longer be repaired.  Louet's solution is to discard the old and purchase a new electronic dobby, quite expensive.

As an alternative I have a cost effective replacement for the electronic parts so that the original electronic dobby and solenoids can be retained.  The solenoids generally last almost forever and can be individually replaced if needed.

Contact me by email if interested in this.