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Old J-Comp loom control
New J-Comp loom control
The original Flatwater Electronics loom control for the J-Comp was a circuit board (photo above) that was installed directly into the wiring box of the J-Comp.  Fitting it in along with the required wiring connections was sometimes difficult.  In addition, it was powered from the loom power supply that was found to be unstable at times.

The current J-Comp loom control is entirely external, with it's own (reliable! ) power supply, and connects to the loom with the original computer cable.  Just plug it in, turn it on, connect your computer and weave.

In addition, there are visual indicators showing both loom operation and communications between the loom control and the computer.  These indicators help to identify whether problems are with the loom or the computer.

The new loom control uses the Macomber Loom Driver.